All Phases of Heavy Timber Construction

Scratch Builders is the only company in Vermont that specializes in all phases of heavy timber construction: preservation, new timber framing and mass timber. We are committed to providing quality craftsmanship and the highest standards in the building industry. Our team constructs each frame with precision engineering that ensures maximum strength and longevity.

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We believe in the value of timber and wood, unmatched in its visual appeal and lasting design by any other building material. We draw on building techniques from 200-year-old timber frames and brand new technologies, unifying a vibrant history with an exciting and cutting-edge present.

Timber frames offer a natural beauty and warm aesthetic that adds character and charm to any building. Whether it's a custom timber frame barn or a contemporary home, our buildings are beautiful and timeless.

Our Commitment to Quality Timber Framing

At Scratch Builders, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship while utilizing sustainably-sourced materials, ensuring that every timber frame we create stands as a testament to strength and durability.

 Renewable Resources

Wood is a natural resource that can be harvested responsibly through low-impact forestry practices. Using sustainable materials for construction is a great way to create carbon stores and reduce the dependence on nonrenewable resources like steel or concrete. By choosing timber framing, you can be part of an eco-friendly solution that promotes responsible forestry, sustainable building practices and environmental stewardship.

 Local Timber

With a rich abundance of white pine and hemlock, Vermont offers an abundant source of timber that makes it an ideal location for timber building. This advantage in timber framing reduces transportation costs and ensures a sustainable supply chain. By sourcing local timber, we sustain our forests, preserve our land and protect the environment.

 Reduce Carbon Footprint

By using mass timber components like glulams (glue-laminated timber that is engineered and stress-tested) and CLTs (cross-laminated timber with at least three cross-layers in a single wood product), we can reduce carbon emissions in the commercial construction industry. These products have a lower carbon impact compared to steel and concrete, making them an attractive alternative for eco-conscious projects.

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Built to Stand the Test of Time

Our unique combination of old and new techniques, combined with our dedication to sustainability and beauty, ensures that your timber frame will last for generations. We will help you create a future worth building.

Experienced and Trustworthy

We are a team of knowledgeable builders with the expertise and skills to bring your project to life. Our team takes pride in our attention to detail and quality workmanship. With Scratch Builders, you can trust that you are getting the best quality construction and building materials for your project. 


"Evan brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our project which was a combination of a renovation and restoration of a 200-year-old English Barn. Great work ethic, sound advice and good communication skills. The assistants he has working for him are talented and reliable as well. Great problem solving skills and an all around honest and nice person. Highly recommended."
Sam Wool
"Evan was collaborative and responsive to suggestions on design and was a great communicator along the project. His workmanship and quality of the materials were excellent. Installation was seamless with a highly competent team completing our project on the timeline we all agreed to. Scratch Builders are real craftmen who take high pride in reproducing traditional building techniques."
Carl Ward
"Scratch Builders design/build of 30' x 30' two story barn with shed roof. A simple and robust superstructure design with large frame bays to accommodate unlimited glazing options for passive solar gain. Design went through a few changes to incorporate the steel for the clear span first floor space, stair case and a large center window on second story. Very satisfied on design process, construction and final product."
Perry Scofield

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