Mass Timber Sport Court

Bethlehem, NH

This mass timber pavilion, at 58' x 100', was designed to cover a full size basketball court, as well as a couple of pickle ball courts. Large 5' overhangs provide great protection from the rain and sun. The mass timber used is all European spruce glulam, and has an exterior water based clear coating to protect it from UV and water. The frame is extremely efficient, which minimized the amount of board footage (wood fiber) needed to build the structure, this helped lower the overall project cost. This was achieved by using a king post truss, and large double struts that transfer the roof-load to the post foot. This is a unique structure mixing mass timber with traditional timber frame joinery. Scratch Builders coordinated the delegated design, engineering, CNC cutting, delivery of the timber package, and performed the installation. 

Designed By: Fire Tower Engineered Timber

Timber Frame Design for Fabrication & Installation: Scratch Builders

Client: Copper Cannon Camp

Date: Spring 2024

Location: Bethlehem, NH