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In 2023, we started a millwork division inside of our timber frame shop. We can provide millwork for our own timber frame projects, such as tongue and groove roof decking, or shiplap siding. Or our team can provide custom millwork to other construction projects!

Elevating Your Building Projects With Custom Millwork

The heart of our millwork operation is a Weinig 4 sided moulder! With this state of the art machine we can produce any surfaced or moulded wood product up to 10” wide. Common types are: shiplap, tongue and groove, novelty siding, nickel-gap shiplap, beaded tongue and groove, and v-groove tongue and groove. When we decided we were going to make millwork products, we dove right in: we invested in the best machinery money could buy to ensure precision and quality.

By offering millwork services, we are able to provide accompanying wood products in a timber frame project, which reduces the complexity of sourcing the different materials for a project.

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