Mass Timber

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Our team can coordinate the design and engineering of mass timber structures. We have built relationships with mass timber suppliers and are able to coordinate CNC cutting of mass timber glu-lams and CLT panels by sending 3d digital designs drawn on our Cadworks program that can be uploaded directly to CNC machines. This ensures accuracy to the 1/64 of an inch, which makes just in time delivery and installation repeatable and possible with no hiccups.

Building With Mass Timber

Mass timber uses glue-laminated timber instead of solid sawn timbers to achieve stronger and more uniform timbers. For very large spans, multi-level tallwood buildings, bridges, commercial and institutional buildings, and warehouses, mass timber construction makes more sense. Mass timber is built with glue-laminated timber and generally fabricated by a CNC machine. Not every project is right for mass timber and, in many cases, a traditional timber frame will function perfectly well.

We work closely with engineers to make sure that the structure will be code compliant and receive an engineer’s stamp.

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