Timber Frames

Functionality and Aesthetics

Timber frames make excellent barns, houses, pavilions, garages, shops, solar car-ports, and much more. We can use trusses to create large clear-spans without posts, making them great for large spaces where posts are undesirable. We sell timber-frames directly to residential and commercial clients, as well as general contractors.

Crafting Timber Frames

Timber framing is an extremely versatile construction style that utilizes solid sawn lumber and hand-cut mortise and tenon joinery. We self-perform all phases of timber frame construction, including: designing and engineering the timber frame structure, hand-cutting the timber frame in our shop in Williston, VT, delivering the timber frame, and installing the timber frame.

Every single one of our timber-frames is carefully overseen during all phases of construction ensuring a smooth process. Since we design and engineer our timber-frames there are never any limitations on custom designs or special requests!

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